Settlement youth dominate at Native Provincial Hockey Championships

From April 5th to 8th, 2018, the 25th Annual Native Provincial Hockey Championships took place at rinks across Edmonton. Many youth from the Metis Settlements joined in the 25th Anniversary Celebrations at this year’s ANPHC Tournament. More than 3,500 aboriginal youth took part in this special event.

The Metis Settlements General Council would like to congratulate all of the participants in the 2018 Alberta native hockey provincials tournament.

Below are some of the highlights:


The Kikino Red Army Juniors successfully captured the Gold Medal in the Junior B Community Eagle Division.  The Red Army went undefeated throughout the tourney and defeated the Stoney Wild in the final with a convincing 4-0 win.

Members of the Championship Team include:

Alexander Cardinal – Kikino
Dalton Cardinal – Kikino
Kirkland Cardinal – Kikino
Austin Cunningham – Kikino
Leighton Desjarlais – Kikino
Dallas Jackson – Buffalo Lake
Mason Joe – Buffalo Lake
Ty Thompson – Kikino
Bryton White – Kikino
Jonas Whitford – Kikino
Head Coach: Cory Cardinal – Kikino
Jacob Bartman – Elizabeth

Good job guys!! Solid effort leads to success.



At the 2018 Alberta Native Hockey Provincials Annual Tournament, Paddle Prairie captured the Gold Medal in the Junior Female division. Paddle Prairie went undefeated throughout the tournament. Settlement representatives contributing to the success of the team include:

Gabrielle Laderoute, Gift Lake
Jade Christian, Paddle Prairie
Ashley Richard, Paddle Prairie
Chelsea Gauchier, Peavine
Callie Noskey, Peavine

Congrats gals!!!!


Settlement youth from the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement, Peavine Metis Settlement and surrounding First Nation communities combined their skills to win a hard fought battle for the gold medal in the Midget Female Division at the 2018 Alberta Native Hockey Provincials Tournament. The team, Alexander Braves – Arcand, went undefeated throughout the tournament. 

Settlement representatives included:

Mackenzie Dachuk, Paddle Prairie
Andrea Gauchier, Peavine
Jade Gauchier, Peavine
Kassadee Gauchier, Peavine
Kierra Gauchier, Peavine

Congratulations Ladies!!!!


The Whitefish Lake Midget Boys Team captured the gold medal in the Bear Division after going undefeated throughout the tournament.

Metis Settlement youth who formed part of the dream team included:

Tristen Anderson – Gift Lake
Brayden Auger – Gift Lake
Keaton Auger – Gift Lake
Seattle Cunningham – Gift Lake
Blake Anderson – Peavine
Tanner Cunningham – Peavine
Owen Gauchier – Peavine
Avery McNabb – Peavine
Harlen Noskey – Peavine

Congratulations Gentlemen!!


The Lac La Biche Midget Female Ice Hawks captured the silver medal in a hard fought final matchup against the Alexander Braves – Arcand. The ladies put on a tremendous display of talent and perseverance. Congratulations ladies on your solid effort!!

Settlement Representatives included:
Shaina Handel – Buffalo Lake
Shakira Trottier – Buffalo Lake
Coach: Archie Handel – Buffalo Lake
Halle Berard – Kikino
Nerissa Cardinal – Kikino
Hunter Ray – Kikino

Well done ladies!!!!



The Enoch Junior Female Team captured the silver medal at the 2018 ANHP. The ladies played extremely well all weekend but came up just a bit short in the final game. Talent and intense love of the game were displayed throughout the tournament.

Settlement youth/members who were a part of this silver combination were:

Janessa Desjarlais – Buffalo Lake
Kallee Cardinal – Kikino
Jayden Draney – Kikino

Congratulations Ladies!!