We have now developed “fillable” PDF forms that members can use to fill out their application on their phone or computer without having to go into the office. Members who would like to apply using these remote forms must still submit a copy or photograph of their driver’s license, membership card, WIN card (if applicable) and long-form birth certificate (or baptismal certificate) with their application. Members are also still required to submit a family tree that shows a pre-1900 ancestral connection to the area they would like to harvest in. If a member does not have a detailed family tree, the MSGC can build one for them.

If you would like to apply for your harvesting approval, please send the completed forms and copies of the required documents (baptismal or birth certificate, etc.) to your Settlement office’s harvesting application contact:

Paddle Prairie: Annette Poitras

Peavine: Daniel Gaucher

Gift Lake: Cecile Anderson

East Prairie: Jessica Bigcharles

Buffalo Lake: Raynelle Lavallee

Kikino: Sharron Blyan

Fishing Lake: Desiree Lacombe-Cardinal

Elizabeth: Theresa Taylor

Fillable MetisHarvesterApplication2019_MSGC 2

Fillable Family Tree Questions

Fillable Council resolution template Draft

Fillable Consent form

Metis Harvesting Policy In Alberta

Framework for Advancing Reconciliation with Government of Canada