Economic Development

Strategic Partnership Initiative (SPI)

Economic Development Portfolio Holder, Dot Anderson meets with Bradley Scott Henry from Natural Resources Canada.

MSGC is co-managing a Strategic Partnership Initiative with Natural Resource Canada.
Partners include:

Metis Settlements Strategic Training Initiative

Settlement Investment Corporation

Health Canada

Agriculture Agri-food Canada

Northern Forestry Centre

Western Economic Diversification

Alberta Indigenous Relations

Alberta Economic Development Trade and Tourism

Participating Settlement Councils

Natural Resource Canada

Crown Indigenous Relations Canada

Indigenous Services Canada

Participating Settlement Councils are engaged in a fee-for-service contract for the purpose of engaging the community in an open and lively discussion as follows:

  • Opportunities Identification – Community Members are welcomed to a public meeting to discuss the types of projects the Settlement could undertake.  All ideas are “on the board” and ends in a “dot-mocracy exercise” where everyone votes for their favourite ideas. These ideas and voting are presented to Council in their project selection. Presentations from the partners are available at the request of the administration on subjects including: Cannabis and Hemp, Tourism, Forest Carbon, Agriculture Programs, and other emerging concerns. We encourage entrepreneurs, community corporations, or other partners of the Settlement to contact their Administrator if they would like to make a presentation.
Joe Blyan has a chat with Sarah Dewan, Northern Forestry Centre, and Bev Therrien, Western Economic Diversification
  • Entrepreneurship – Community Members are welcomed to a public meeting to discuss the ways in which entrepreneurs can “plug in” to their local economy.  Learn about supports, barriers, and emerging opportunities in a variety of sectors.
  • Community Verification – Communities are revisited to discuss the outcomes of project selection, pre-feasibility/feasibility, and recommendations.  Even if you haven’t been part of the earlier sessions, come out to learn about activities and interests in your community, and have your say on planning for economic growth. 

Here is the work plan overview: Strategic Partnerships Initiative: Activities and Outcomes

SPI Schedule

All events begin with dinner at 5:30 PM, and have a 3 hour agenda. There will be fun, food, and prizes. 

The Coordinator

Darcy Dupas – Economic Development Coordinator

Darcy Dupas, B.A. Econ.
Economic Development Coordinator
Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC)

I began my career in Government Members’ Researcher at the Legislative Assembly Office of Alberta. In 2002, I started an Edmonton-based writing consultancy with the First Nations of the North Peace Tribal Council, then some contract work with a handful of First Nations, Regional Councils, and Treaty area organizations. My most notable achievements include some expertise in First Nations’ Financial Transfer Arrangements with the Chiefs’ Fiscal Table, c. 2009. Transitioning into employment in 2014, I went to work at East Prairie Metis Settlement and served for two years as their Administrator. In July 2017 I began Economic Development Coordination at MSGC. For full transparency please see my LinkedIn Profile.

I am a writer, and I enjoy constructing business plans and models. I am interested in organizational theory. My best accomplishments so far with MSGC are to help build the relationship with Canada, and an Aboriginal Business Investment Fund (ABIF) grant for Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement.

My goal is to create long-term, sustainable, and continuous economic growth in all of the Settlements, that result in profitability and the creation of high quality employment for Settlement Members.