Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement

Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement has a land base of 35,356 hectares, with a population of 1,236 people. Located in east-central Alberta in Smoky Lake County, Buffalo Lake Métis Settlement is 200 km northeast of Edmonton and 50 km southwest of Lac La Biche. Boyle and Smoky Lake are also nearby communities.

Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement was originally part of the Beaver River Metis Colony #7, now known as Kikino. It was established in 1941 as lands designated for Metis veterans of World War II, however when the veterans returned home, they chose to settle closer to their families who were already established in other Settlements. Settlers arrived in Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement in 1951. Since then, 210 homes have been constructed, along with infrastructure, and different facilities including a water treatment plant, family centre, recreation facility and Cultural Interpretive Centre.

The community has numerous health and wellness programs and family activities, while supporting youth in sports, summer work projects and pursuing careers. There are many entrepreneurs and home-based business offering products and services, along with a senior’s centre operated by elders. Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement also hosts their annual Cultural Days as well as a Rodeo.

The structure of government for Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement consists of five elected council members, with an administrative staff overseeing daily operations.

Buffalo Lake Metis Settlement Website: https://buffalolakems.ca/