September 21st, 2023 will be an exciting day of activities for MSGC and our members. 

First, during the day, we will be holding our Annual General Meeting at the MSGC Office (10335 172nd Street, Edmonton) and virtually on Zoom. 

To observe the proceedings on Zoom, register here. 

Then, in the evening we are hosting our 1st Annual Award and Recognition Night and we are excited to celebrate members of our Settlements that excelling. We are looking forward to celebrating every nominee, whether their achievements are personal, in a business venture, community initiatives, or other areas of accomplishment. 

To nominate someone who deserves to be celebrated, submit your nomination here. Or download the Nominee Form and email it to theron@msgc.ca

We also have a FAQ Awards Night list to help answer any questions guests may have. 

We look forward to celebrating all nominees! 

HELP LINES for Residential School Survivors & Families

For any Residential school survivor, or their family members, that have been re-traumatized or struggling with the recent news on the discovery of 215 children’s remains at the Kamloops Residential School, there are Help lines for you to talk with people and assist with your feelings of shock, disbelief, anger and hurt. Please call for emotional support.

National Indian Residential School Crisis Line – call 1-866-925-4419 (24hours a day/7 days a week)

Indian Residential School Survivors Society (IRSSS) – 1-800-721-0066

Hope for Wellness Help line – 1-855-242-3310 or you can connect to the online chat through their website at https://www.hopeforwellness.ca

Mental Health Helpline – 1-877-303-2642 (24hours/day & 7days a week)

Please keep these numbers in your home, post them on your Facebook or other social media outlets for anyone who may need assistance. We can help each other during these difficult times. PLEASE CALL FOR EMOTIONAL SUPPORT

A Metis homeland in Alberta. A Constitutional first in Canada.

Across 1.25 million acres are eight communities, populated by the women and men of the Fathers of Federation and those before them, each connected by the vision for self-government and self-determination. The first and only Metis self-government in Canada, recognized constitutionally as a distinct and protected people, the Metis Settlements are a vital and rich part of our Canadian cultural identity.

Circa 1935, ‘The Big Five’, Provincial Executive Committee who helped make history.

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Protecting a way of life for all generations will be our legacy.

For the thousands who call the Settlements home, our culture is a way of life. We hunt, fish and farm as we always have, even as traditions give way to modern conveniences and more of our young people explore opportunities in university, college, and abroad. All roads lead back home. Our history, languages, leadership and wisdom are shared down the generations as the food of life for every new Metis child born today.

Important Documents

Meet the Fathers of the Federation

Historical figures whose names are lesser known than the names Riel or Dumont, but no less important in realizing the vision of a Metis homeland. Read more…

We are the bridge between worlds, European and Indigenous

Generations of Metis have called the Settlements home, building what we have today. New generations carry this legacy for equality and freedom with them into the future. Our eternal promise to protecting our land and culture is stitched into the Metis flag, and woven into the heart of every settlement Metis.

Important Documents

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Follow the history of the Metis Settlements

Defined by the dedication and courage of men and women once derided as ‘The Road Allowance People’.


First Metis Settlement was established, St. Paul des Metis was formed by the federal government.


St. Paul des Metis was terminated for public homesteading.


Association des Metis D’Alberta et des Territories du Nord Quest formed by Metis leaders to lobby government on behalf of their people (name later changed to Metis Association of Alberta [MAA]).


Ewing Commission funded by Alberta Government to investigate conditions of Alberta Metis in response to MAA’s requests for government intervention.


Population Betterment Act passed by Alberta Legislature, forming 12 Metis Settlements.


Four Settlements dissolved (Touchwood, Marlboro, Cold Lake and Wolf Lake).


The Alberta Federation of Metis Settlements (AFMS) became a registered society under the Societies Act of Alberta making the AFMS a legal entity.


MacEwan Committee formed to investigate the situation of Metis Settlements; recommended that Metis be given more control over their destiny.


Metis Settlements Accord adopted: framework for land and self-government. Legislated package: Constitution of Alberta Amendment Act, Metis Settlements Land Protection Act, Metis Settlements Act, and Metis Settlements Accord Implementation Act.


Metis Settlements Legislation passed by Alberta Government on November 1. Federation of Metis Settlements officially becomes the Metis Settlements General Council.

Our children are our future.

Building for them and educating them are two of our highest priorities. It’s for them that we continue to advocate for Metis rights and freedoms. We’re putting more tools in the hands of new leaders with new opportunities to grow and succeed. So far, it’s working. There are more college and university graduates from Settlements than ever before. Three generations of Metis leaders have helped each new generation aspire, each prospering from the fruits of self-government, self-determination, and the freethinking men and women who came before.

Important Documents

“The poor will be hit the hardest by climate change. We’re taking a stand to help change that.”

The leader of the Settlements’ Climate Change Initiative explains how her team has a strategy to protect the land and the most vulnerable.

President’s Corner

President’s Corner Since the last President’s Corner, MSGC has presented at the United Nations, met with Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, and begun the review and implementation of policy changes.

Take a look at the May 2018 edition!

Since the signing of the Metis Harvesting Agreement with Alberta in March 2019, the MSGC Harvesting Committee has had…
On May 29, 2019 the residents of Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement were evacuated from their home community due to air quality issues. Almost 800 evacuees left their homes and retreated to…
Please be advised that on behalf of the 8 Metis Settlements of Alberta, President Herb Lehr of the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC), will be presenting a 3-million-dollar Emergency Relief cheque to
Eight Alberta Métis communities, many surrounded by and involved with oil sands production, are sounding the environmental alarm and demanding nation-to-nation treatment…
Notice of General Council Election Results…
The Metis Settlements General Council signs new harvesting agreement with Alberta…

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