Peavine Metis Settlement

Peavine Metis Settlement is situated within Big Lakes County in northern Alberta, approximately 56 km north of High Prairie on Highway 750. The population of 993 people has a land base of 82,364 square hectares and shares a boundary with Gift Lake Metis Settlement.

Homesteads started being established by settlers in the early 1920s. Settlers would travel to nearby communities to encourage Métis families to reside in Peavine Metis Settlement in an effort to ensure boundaries were not altered, with many new families moving there between 1950 and 1952.

Peavine Metis Settlement economy is supported by job sectors including construction, forestry, agriculture, logging, transportation, along with oil and gas exploration and development. The community continues investments in resource development and has expanded its focus on tourism and hospitality.

Elders have maintained practices and lifestyles including hunting, fishing, trapping, meat drying, fish smoking, hide tanning and berry picking as a way to pass these traditions on to future generations. Many members still consume a traditional diet of moose, duck and fish and speak the Woodland Cree dialect fluently. Peavine Metis Settlement have been involved with professional sports in Canada – including baseball for the past six decades – with the Peavine Rangers winning multiple national championship titles.

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