Successful nominations for MSGC’s officer’s election to be held on November 17th, 2022.

For the office of President, two nominations were made:

  • Dave Lamouche of Gift Lake
  • Dorothy Anderson of Gift Lake

For the office of Vice President, three nominations were made:

  • Dean Ducharme of Paddle Prairie
  • Brenda Blyan of Buffalo Lake
  • Sherry Cunningham of Peavine


Nomination day is November 3rd in MSGC’s offices in Edmonton. Nominations may be made by any Settlement Councillor. Call Returning Officer Maurice 780-988-6650 to receive a nomination package.

Procedure on Nomination Day:

  • Both nominator and candidate must be present.
  • Ask for a nomination package and get all the rules.
  • Candidates for President or Vice President must have maintained a residence in a settlement area in accordance with section 234 of the MSA for at least 12 consecutive months.
  • In the event a candidate accepts the nomination, the candidate must pay to the General Council a non-refundable nomination fee of $250 prior to the commencement of the election process.
  • All candidates must provide a long form birth certificate describing the candidate’s parentage prior to the commencement of the election process under section 22 of this Policy.

Election day is November 17th at MSGC’s offices in Edmonton. Nominees have two weeks to garner support.

Call Returning Officer Maurice at 780-988-6650 to receive a nomination package.

Notice of Nomination Day for Executive Officers

(click the link to read the notice in PDF)


November 17, 2022. Please see the notice below. 


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