Message from the Vice-President

Firstly, I want to congratulate my fellow colleagues, President Herb Lehr, Treasurer Sherry Cunningham, and Secretary Dorothy Anderson, it is my pleasure to be working with you for the betterment of our Metis Settlements.

Tansi (please bear with me, I am working on my Cree), my name is Roechelle Gaudet, from the Paddle Prairie Metis Settlement. At a duly scheduled election of the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) Officers on April 25, 2019, I was elected the first female Vice-President of the Metis Settlements in our history. I am honoured and humbled, and I want to acknowledge all those who helped me to get to where I am today. I am the granddaughter of Albert and Florence Wanuch and the daughter of Garry and Marilyn Gaudet. Those names may ring a bell for many of you, as Albert, Florence, and Garry are past political leaders of our Metis people. I am fortunate that I have been blessed with the same passion and strength.

It has been two months since the election, and I look forward to moving our federal and provincial files forward for the betterment of all eight settlements. We are currently reviewing federal and provincial priorities to ensure the Metis Settlements are properly supported. From discussions with the Province of Alberta on possible changes to the Long-Term Arrangements to find best ways to build our communities. Additionally, we are meeting with the Federal representatives in July to advance our negotiations under the MSGC – Canada Framework Agreement and continue to seek immediate financial support in light of exclusionary tactics by the federal government.

Over the course of my mandate, I promise to ensure proper representation and serve all members wholeheartedly, regardless of the countless hours, because I know that my colleagues and I will make a difference.

As I said in my nomination and election speech, I have an open-door policy and welcome all to share your thoughts and ideas, even if it is constructive criticism. We need to work together in unity.

Thank you.

Vice-President Roechelle Gaudet – Contact Information

Phone: 780-822-4054

Cell: 403-929-1996



Vice-President Roechelle Gaudet