President’s Message

As many of you are aware, the elections of MSGC Executive has come and gone. I want to thank Gerald Cunningham, the outgoing President, and Darren Calliou, the past Vice-President, for all their years of service and dedication to our communities.

I welcome Roechelle Gaudet, as the new VicePresident (first woman ever elected to this position) and congratulate Sherry Cunningham (Treasurer) and Dorothy Anderson (Secretary) on retaining their positions.

I look forward to meeting the challenges before us with this team of Executive members and the backbone of this organization, the 40 elected council members.

Together we will develop updated business cases to present to both Provincial and Federal ministries, the Premier and Prime Minister, in order to further the aspirations of the membership of our communities. In keeping with our Elders desires for entrenchment of our lands under the Constitution of Canada, the Assembly has placed that initiative as a priority for Federal Framework negotiations.

In light of financial restraints, the MSGC office is committed to reviewing our organizational structure and ensuring that we are “a lean mean fighting machine” as one of our Chairman so eloquently put it.

Communication has been one of our greatest shortfalls, as many members have relayed their concerns to me, regarding lack of knowledge as to what this organization is doing. We commit to increasing awareness through this Messenger by increasing the amount of publications and more effective use of social media.

I am thankful for the honour of being the President of the Metis Settlements General Council and will work tirelessly to increase public and government awareness of our collective issues.

I believe that very aggressive lobbying needs to be instituted this year. This will entail the development of business cases for every portfolio within the Provincial and Federal governments. Continuity with each settlement will be important.

Congratulations to Karen Telford on her recent election to the Fishing Lake Metis Settlement Council. To the prayer warriors who have diligently kept me in their prayers, I want to thank you.

President Herb Lehr Contact Information

Phone: 780-822-4053

Cell: 780-645-0029



L-R: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, MSGC President Herb Lehr, & Indigenous Relations Minister Rick Wilson.

President Lehr visits Paddle Prairie