MSSTI Overview

The Metis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives (‘MSSTI’) is a society formed by the Metis Settlements to provide training and educational opportunities to Metis Settlement Members. MSSTI assist our Members with entering or re-entering the workforce, retaining active employment, or enhancing their skills to advance in their chosen profession. Our top priority is to ensure that Settlement Members have meaningful opportunities for employment.

MSSTI has a variety of programs, services and partnerships available to support Metis Settlement Members based on eligibility. Click here to learn who can apply

You can use our Career Investigation Form to help you determine the right career path for you. MSSTI Career Investigation Report 2019-2020

Once you are ready, you can apply to MSSTI for support. MSSTI 2019-2020 APPLICATION

Metis Settlements Strategic Training Initiatives Society

  • Encourages and empower Settlements to identify, develop and meet the training and employment needs which will lead to sustainable employment and self-sufficiency for their members;
  • Develops community strategic plans to address identified training needs within each community and ensure that quality training initiatives are provided to meet those needs
  • Develops partnerships and between Settlements, education and training institutions and Industry to support effective delivery of education and training;
  • Provides financial resources to support training and employment initiatives;
  • Respects the diversity of each Settlement and other partner’s;
  • Ensures that accountability and evaluations of programs and services are met as set out in the Contribution Agreement;
  • Actively pursues partnerships and new resources that will meet individual and community training need.