Long-Term Agreement

Long-Term Governance and Funding Arrangements with the Government of Alberta

On March 12, 2013, the Premier, Minister of Aboriginal Relations and the President of the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) signed the Long-Term Governance and Funding Arrangements.

The 10-year landmark agreement commits $85 million from Alberta and $28.5 million from the MSGC for initiatives aimed at:

  • Strengthening the Settlements’ governance, accountability and sustainability
  • Increasing education, employment and economic opportunities
  • Improving infrastructure and essential services
  • Creating safe and healthy communities, including dedicating an RCMP officer for each of the eight Metis Settlements
  • Enhancing the productive relationship between the Government of Alberta and the Metis Settlements.

Representatives of the Government of Alberta, through the Ministry of Aboriginal Relations, and the Metis Settlements have developed a comprehensive implementation plan and are currently working together to fulfil the agreement commitments.