Data / Surveillance Internship Program: The objective of this 3-year, $625K partnership with Alberta Health is to train 2 Settlement members on Alberta Health data systems, while also providing funding for the Health Board to consult with the communities about a possible Health Data Accord with the province. This concept was born in 2013, as a possible way to equip the Metis Settlements Health Board with hard data to support its advocacy/negotiations for improved, targeted, standardized services for the Settlements. The engagement sessions a take place as follows:

Fishing Lake – October 17 @ 6pm

Elizabeth – October 21 @ 5pm

Gift Lake – October 28 @ 5pm

Peavine – October 29 @ 5pm

Buffalo Lake – November 4 @ 5pm

East Prairie – November 5 @ 6pm

Paddle Prairie – November 6 @ 6pm

Kikino – November 13 @ 6pm

The Metis Settlements Health Board would like to invite community members to participate in this very important discussion. Every session starts with supper. Please check with your administration office to confirm the time and location. 2019 Metis Settlements Youth Cultural Camp: the MSHB accessed a youth suicide prevention grant to host the first-ever Metis Settlements Youth Cultural Camp in Gift Lake this past July.

Over 200 people attended the camp, which was centred around traditions, customs, Metis way of life, consultation, harvesting, and Indian Residential Schools, etc. MSGC and the Health Board were very pleased to also be partnered with the RCMP and Metis Settlements Children’s Services in ensuring a fun, safe, educational and inclusive event. The Health Board, through its Coordinator, is working to access new funding to host a cultural camp in one of the east Settlements next summer.

Drug and Alcohol Education / Prevention / Support: This 2-year, $1.15M agreement with Alberta Health is part of Alberta’s effort to combat the Opioid Crisis, but offers awareness, supports and education for all substance and alcohol abuse.

AHS Cancer Care: Two pilot projects to be delivered as part of a plan to establish a long-term sustained program for providing supports and care for cancer patients in Indigenous communities. Pilot project communities will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

AHS Cancer Prevention: A two-year $300,000 grant was received from Alberta Health Services to provide small pots of funding in 2019-20 and 2020-21 to teach of the Settlements. This funding will support the capacity for communities to host healthy activities for youth.

Indian Residential Schools: The IRS program is in its 12th year. This program started out initially to assist Residential School Survivors with compensation applications, to support them during hearings and then to continue providing on going support. However, has expanded to include supports for families affected by the issue of Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG). Educational and support services under any of these areas can be requested, free-of-cost by Settlements.

The LTA provides funding under this schedule for the operation of the Metis Settlements Health Board and a Health Board Coordinator. Darlene Carifelle has been able to access significant other resources to address the needs identified in the Metis Settlements Community Health Assessment.