Co-Management Agreement

The original Co-Management Agreement (CMA) was signed by the Minister of Energy, the eight Metis Settlements, and the Metis Settlements General Council (MSGC) in 1990. The CMA established the processes for sub-surface mineral exploration on the Metis Settlements. While Alberta maintained ownership of mines and minerals, the CMA allowed the Settlements to negotiate a royalty, above the provincial royalty, with an oil and gas development company that had secured a mineral lease under Metis Settlement lands. The Settlements could also negotiate an equity participation with the successful bidder on a mineral lease up to 25 per cent in any development.

Amendments to the Co-Management Agreement – May 2013

Amendments were made to the CMA in May 2013. These amendments include:

  • The opportunity for a 100 per cent owned Metis Settlement Corporation to secure a direct purchase from Alberta Energy for a mineral lease, outside of the public offering process.
  • The right of a 100 per cent owned Metis Settlement Corporation to bid on public offering mineral leases.
  • The requirement for benefits proposals, which describe the benefits that the operator proposes to the Metis Settlement, as part of an operator’s bid in the public offering process.